Individualized tutoring is available for our patients who have been identified with an academic limitation, a learning disability or an attention deficit disorder. When these difficulties are not addressed, students begin to bring home failing grades, make excuses for not completing homework, and lose interest in school. Poor school performance leads to misbehavior and low self esteem.

Tutoring can help improve educational success by teaching specific learning skills, organization and developing study habits. Tutoring is available in math, reading, writing, study skills, and homework help. While a parent may not have the necessary skills to tutor their own child, intervening early will help insure a child's educational success.

At Neuropsychology Associates, our tutor is Wendy Gay, a graduate of Radford University, Radford, VA. Individualized learning plans are based on the neuropsychological test findings. Wendy's caring approach helps children build the skills they need to succeed and overcome their learning difficulties.