Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Lyons is a Clinical Psychologist who specializes in the treatment of mood disorders. Dr. Lyons completed Baccalaureate Degrees in Literature at Sacred Heart College in Detroit, MI and in Theological Studies at Gregorian University in Rome, Italy. He received a Master’s Degree in English Language and Literature from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI and his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Duquesne University in Pittsburg, PA. Dr. Lyons has extensive clinical experience with individuals, marital couples, and families, and the application of psychological principles to small and large businesses.

Dr. Lyons served as the president of the Network of Professional Services Organizations where he conducted peer learning groups for senior leaders of professional services organizations in high tech companies. He was also a senior consultant for the Family Business institute in Raleigh, NC where he was a facilitator in intergenerational transitions, productivity improvement, and communication success in family businesses.

Dr. Lyons is the author of several books on organizational psychology, leadership and business, and has over thirty years of experience assisting patients who suffer from a wide range of psychological difficulties, including depression, alcohol and substance problems, and marital and family conflict.